Meet Our Team

We look forward to helping you connect with your community.

Bryna Rogers

Program Director
Office: 617-481-7227 x165

Bryna is a trail blazer! She loves working with families and is committed to supporting them in reaching their goals. With a background in mental health counseling and fundraising, Bryna engages the community in participating in events and building programming for the QFRC. When not at the QFRC, Bryna enjoys walking her dog Delilah and Cooper, going for a run, spending time at the beach and hanging out with her family and friends.

Candice Kunigenas, LMHC

Clinician & Supervisor
Office: 617-481-7227 x193

Candice is our clinician at the QFRC, with degrees in Mental Health Counseling and Psychology. Candice does assessments with youth and families and recommends the best services to support them. She is passionate about working with children and families as well as what will help them excel in their community and at home. In her spare time, you can find Candice cheering for the New England Patriots, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. 


Amelia Woodley

Family Support Worker
Office: 617-481-7227 x166

Amelia has it covered! With a background in social services and working with community agencies, Amelia is ready to help families who come into the QFRC  looking for assistance. Amelia is excited to assist them, believing that showing by example is the best way to engage families and teach them how to learn the skills to be able to do things on their own. When not helping families at the QFRC, Amelia enjoys traveling, but when she is home, she enjoys cooking and baking for her loved ones.

Ann Macdonald

School Liaison
Office: 617-481-7227 x149

Ann is a jack of all trades, coming by it honestly having been raised in a family of 9 children and raising two growing boys on her own. It only follows that she is passionately invested in helping others, believing that to be human is to be resilient. It is her ultimate goal to help families bounce back and stay motivated. In her spare time, Ann enjoys cooking for her family and puttering around the garden.

Debbie Baker

Administrative Assistant
Office: 617-481-7227 x196

Deb’s got it covered! She is devoted to keeping everything running smoothly like a well oiled machine at the QFRC and is committed to helping staff and clients. When Deb is not at the QFRC, you can find her cuddled up with a good book, tending her garden or cooking at home.



Danais Santos

Family Support Worker
Office: 617-481-7227 x149

Danais, a recent graduate in Social Psychology, came in ready! With her cultural values of family and having a child of her own, it became clear to her that she wanted to help families in the community. Her goal ultimately is to finish her master’s degree in Public Administration to assist communities from a statewide perspective, Danais enjoys playing with her daughter and watching HGTV (with hopes of planning and decorating her own house). Did she mention that she is fluent in Spanish? 

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